ANSYS 15.0.3 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation x32/x64 :September.27,2014 Софт
ANSYS 15.0.3 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation x32/x64 :September.27,2014
ANSYS 15.0.3 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation x32/x64 :September.27,2014

ANSYS 15.0.3 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation x32/x64 | 20.2 GB
Language: Multilingual
Description: Universal software system of finite-element method (FEM ) analysis, the existing and evolving over the past 30 years , is quite popular among professionals in the field of automated engineering calculations (CAE, Computer-Aided Engineering) and CE solutions of linear and nonlinear , steady and unsteady spatial problems of solid mechanics and mechanics of structures (including non-stationary geometrically and physically nonlinear problems of contact interaction of structural elements ) , problems in the mechanics of liquids and gases , heat transfer and heat transfer, electrodynamics , acoustics, and mechanics-related fields.

Extras. information:
- ANSYS 15.0.3 Update
This 15.0.3 release addresses a version 15.0 issue in which ANSYS LS-DYNA failed with a stack overflow issue on the Windows operating system only (not Linux). This release fixes the issue by increasing the stack size used. There are no changes to the binary code, only the stack size limit which is specified when linking the object modules.
- ANSYS Workbench Framework SDK 15.0
ANSYS Workbench is a flexible framework that supports the industry's broadest suite of engineering technology. It delivers unprecedented productivity with capabilities for integrating native and third-party tools.
- ACT Extentions 15.0
Special software that you can integrate with ANSYS Workbench to have it do things that aren't built in to the current menus.
How to install
With a crowbar from simulia procedure is slightly different from previous versions .
Username , computer name and path must be latinnitse .
All manipulations were carried out the installation as administrator.
It is assumed that you will be put on the C: drive
If you are installing on a different drive , change the path to the license file in the file ansyslmd.ini
1. If you have not previously installed previous versions Ansisa , go to step 3 .
2 . Delete or stop the ANSYS License Server.
Removing ANSYS License Server:
2.a. In command line mode (Win + R, cmd> Enter), run c: Program Files ANSYS Inc Shared Files Licensing and run ansysli_server.exe-k uninstall
Reboot .
You can delete a folder ANSYS, Inc. License Manager from the Start Menu.
Stop ANSYS License Server:
2.b. Run services.msc, find the ANSYS License Server, PTP > properties> Startup type = disabled. Reboot.
3 . ANSYS install as usual. Install ANSYS License Manager is not required.
4 . Copy the license.dat and ansyslmd.ini folder with the medicine in c: Program Files ANSYS Inc Shared Files Licensing
5 . Enjoy) With a crowbar from MAGNiTUDE as always :
1. Generator to generate a license for your host. Check that the code after the host name in the license match mac address of the network card (Ethernet adapter). If not - generate license manually by pressing N in the first issue of the generator.
2 . Install Products ansys.
3 . Install the license manager . Indicate the generated license file when asked.
4 . Enjoy)
Q: Geometry created in SpaceClaim, does not cling to the ANSYS , produces an error license.
A: In the vorkbencha Tools> License Preferences> put option "Share a single license between applications when possible"
Q: Why Input Files from versions 14.0 and 14.5 ?
A: To have not yet reached 15.0 . A change from version to version is not so much )
Q: What is WBVM and FDVM?
A: WorkBench Verification Manual and Fluid Dynamics Verification Manual.
Q: Where where where where under linux
A: Everything will be : and under Linux and under x32, and even nishtyakov dosyplyu . Share channel to understand. What? Somewhere around 20 to the 25th of this month (yes, I corrected ) . Already . All at once )
Q: Composite Pre-Post here?
A: Yes.
Q: And this is not from scrap magnityud campaign ?
A: Yes , another. Come from them - add. Already added . Now there are two .
Q: He knocks home ?
A: Knocks . Use a firewall. More I can not say yet .
The spyware component is probably CodeArmor, made by a company called vi labs. It has been integrated into a number of high-end CAD / CAM / FEA / CFD software within the last few versions. Particularly:
Siemens / Unigraphics / UGS NX7.5 and up (ie: NX8, NX8.5, ...)
ANSYS version 14 and up (ie: 14.5, ...)
Q: How many cores can be a fluent use ?
A: Thanx to oldfart!
Simulia's lic is nodelocked, I.e. Allows unlimited cores / sessions / tasks / whatever on _local_ machine. In theory. In practice sw itself may cut it all.
Magnitude lic is floating AKA server-based. This means that any machine within license server subnet can run any of licensed products. This time it has 2 hpc packs. Again, in theory this means that one can run Feb. 8 -cores solutions on one or two machines _or_ 1 solution on 32 cores on any number of machines in subnet
Q: LS-Dyna here R7.0
A: LS-Dyna here R7.0.
Q: Meshing parallels
A: Yes, for multibody parts in WB meshing. In ICEM some algorithms . See the FAQ .
Q: What about the settlements in the gpu?
A: The following cards are supported:
nVIDIA Tesla series (any model)
nVIDIA Quadro 6000
nVIDIA Quadro K5000
nVIDIA Quadro K6000
Who uses one of them, unsubscribe the results plz.
Q: What's new in this version?
A: Ansys Help> Ansys, Inc. Release Notes. INFA at the office. site.
Q: Projects created in this version will open in 14.5.7 ?
A: Probably not . You can also try via File> Import to load the individual elements of the project , but it's unlikely .
Draft versions of the 11 ... 14.5 15.0 open. 11 - through the Import.
Q: Can stand multiple versions?
A: Yes . See the license file .
Q: In the Mechanical APDL no elements .... and commands .... What the .. ?
A: Sometimes new versions dropping support for obsolete items , and they can not be reached via the GUI. However , in theory, they can still be used by scripts . For details, see Help.
The following capabilities have been undocumented at this release:
FLOTRAN analysis
High-frequency electromagnetic analysis
Some legacy commands have therefore been undocumented.
The following legacy elements have been undocumented at this release:
ANSYS 15.0.3 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation x32/x64 :September.27,2014
Year / Issue Date : 2013
Version: 15.0
Developer : Ansys Inc.
Developer website
Bit : 32bit/64bit
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Compatible with Windows 8 : like as full
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Present
System requirements : 22 GB hard drive , multiprocessing , memory > 2GB more
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